About Us


At COYN, we believe your bag can do everything, and that style does not have to come at the sacrifice of function. We are dedicated to bringing you timeless, high-quality bags and accessories. Made in Italy, designed in Los Angeles.


We deliver world-class quality across all product details. The leather, stitching and finishing of our products are the same as bags retailing for three times as much. We've kept our processes lean to deliver luxury and long-lasting quality at a price that doesn't break the bank.


Our minimalist style is classic yet modern. Our bags are thoughtfully designed to be timeless for the modern woman, and our manufacturer crafts bags and accessories for some of the finest luxury brands available in high-end boutiques and major department stores.


We designed our bags with you in mind. Leather, lining, pockets and zipper details have been tested through rigorous quality assurance processes and deliberately chosen to meet the demands and lifestyle of the modern woman.

What started as a personal mission to create the best all-day and everyday tote turned into the Coyn standard of quality for all of our products. Thank you for shopping with us - we hope you love our bags as much as we do.



I have been passionate about handbags for as long as I can remember. Growing up and living in Seoul, New York and Los Angeles has been my foundation and source of creativity, design and inspiration. As a child, what I only loved more than shopping for new and unique designs were the classic, vintage and long-lasting pieces I could steal from my mom’s closet. I now find joy in special yet timeless pieces that I won’t tire of after just one or two seasons. In the middle there were definitely some formative, experimental and sometimes questionable years of very full and trendy closets yet “nothing to wear.”

After an extensive corporate career, I started Coyn and have not looked back. My approach to Coyn is similar to that of the little black dress. I hope our bags bring you joy and ease to your everyday and for years to come. And that Coyn carries you through your week as perfectly as your weekend.

xo, Jackie